Yemen Coffee Flavors Map


Based on our work in coffee inspection and quality assurance, we conducted cupping sessions for more than 700 coffee samples from more than 75  districts and 15 governorates that cultivate coffee in Yemen. As a step towards filling the gaps and enriching Yemeni coffee sector information, Mocha Valley releases the third piece of information which is ” Yemeni Coffee Flavors Map”, 

As Yemen considered to be the first coffee exporter country to the whole world, yet little information is available about it. Based on our vision of providing more information and knowledge of Yemeni coffee, we publish the first Yemeni Coffee map – you can download it as a free digital version from here– and the Yemeni Coffee Harvest Chart to be downloaded from here as well.  

* For more information about the map, you can watch the video below.

* Some flavor colors in the map are inspired by  Coffee Flavors Wheel by SCA and WCR.