Quality Assurance

It is not a matter of testing, inspection, or verifying; for us in Mocha Valley, we aim to bring back the legend history of Yemeni coffee by elevating and maintaining coffee quality standards.  Mocha Valley as a third party, provides the global coffee industry with quality assurance specialized only in coffee. 

 YCQA (Yemen Coffee Quality Assurance) is the section at Mocha Valley which provides the inspection, testing, and verifying services. We are here to ensure the quality of your choosing Yemeni coffee to help you reduce risk, and to be a trusted third party between the buyer and a seller.

All the Yemeni coffee lovers around the globe (suppliers, investors, customers, governments and industries, and consumers) are the ultimate beneficiaries of our effort. 







we can assist with:

Pre – Buying Inspection ( PBI).

Final Random Inspection ( FRI).

Loading Supervision (LS)







We conduct three types of tests:








we ensure that your chosen Yemeni coffee complies with: 

Global standards.

Local regulations.

According to your request. 







Our Values:

We create accuracy.

We promote transparency and quality improvement.

We highly respect our client’s confidentiality.

With our experts, we deliver such a service to promote the sustainable request of Yemeni coffee with the requested quality of the buyer.







As a part of pre-buying inspecting, cupping is recommended to be conducted. In this video, we show a cupping session at Mocha Valley in an artistic video.






Request our services by emailing us at: info@mochavalley.com