Debate session between Coffee Sector and Financial Agencies in Yemen.

For decreasing the gap between Coffee Sector and financial agencies, Mocha Valley and Azal for Microfinance set a debate session between the financial agencies and coffee companies, agricultural associations and coffee shops) about how to link the coffee sector and financial companies. 

In this session, representatives discuss obstacles facing the coffee sector workers while looking for financing their projects, on the other hand, financial agencies also facing other obstacles finding suitable plans for the Coffee sector as it is a long term profit.

Outcomes are:

1- The importance of having the tailored program for financing the coffee sector as there is no such specialized program-related for the coffee sector in Yemen.

2- The financial contribution and intervention from financial agencies should be within the whole coffee value chain not only the agricultural chain.

Coffee For Economic Seminar

“Coffee For Economic” is an annual seminar held by Mocha Valley along with International Coffee Day. Every year this seminar discusses coffee sector problems in Yemen, trying to find solutions by gathering all the workers in the coffee sector in one place talking and sharing their ideas and experiences.


This year seminar was on the 2nd of October, and have three main points with speakers from different companies, organizations, and countries :

  • The power of coffee on the Yemeni economic – Fekri Almuafa, International Value Chain expert and Dr. Amera Abdulbari, national coordinator at UM Relife.
  • The economic sustainability of the coffee and the impact of low coffee prices on coffee agricultural associations and coffee production and exporting companies -Chloè Roturo, Business development manager at AlQima coffee in the UK and Rasha Obaid, a trader at Falcon Coffees in the UK.
  • High operational (production, shipping, and marketing) costs vs low coffee prices.- Ahmed AlAbsi, CEO of Mocha Pearls in Germany.
  Seminar promo video: 

The seminar gives us helpful outcomes that we at Mocha Valley take them into consideration and start to achieve the outcomes in very clear steps.


If you are interested to know the Seminar’s outcome, please check the pdf file below.

We believe in: Coffee and the Opportunities behind it. We believe that it has all what it needs to create a whole chain of industries and possibilities. We only have to unleash knowledge and the rest is left to the greatness of this product.