Mocha Valley

Located at the heart of Sana'a, the capital of Yemen ( the origin of coffee) one of the most important sources of high quality, growing yet untappable markets Mocha Valley resides.

Mocha Valley is founded by Arzaq Al-najjar, the first Yemeni female coffee cupper and a consultant of some local NGOs and coffee traders. As she starts from farms allover to retailers and cuppers, pouring her passion, knowledge and previous experience as a strategic planning specialist to understand every little detail.

Mocha Valley consist of a team of coffee specialists with different qualifications and focus areas.

Over the years, the team have consulted tens of clients from various backgrounds, from farmers, trades, retailers and NGO's who are seeking a precise advice about Yemeni coffee.

Our Vision

To become the destination of knowledge and advice about Yemeni coffee by creating a reliable source of information and teaming up with A-list industry experts.

Our Mission

We are creating a one-stop coffee knowledge center that serves entrepreneurs, investors, coffee traders, farmers or basically any player in the coffee value chain. By providing and conducting studies and researches, then convert them into valuable training and practical consultancies

Our Values



  • Quality
  • Confidentiality for Clients
  • Reliability
  • Creating Potentials.
  • Precision


What Yemeni coffee industry needs is the development and expansion of its value chain. From here, we in Mocha Valley has commenced and will continue approaching our vision of becoming the source of Yemeni coffee information to develop the local industry and let the world know and experience Yemeni treasure.

Arzaq Al-Najjar

Founder & CEO