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We believe in: Coffee and the Opportunities behind it. We believe that it has all what it needs to create a whole chain of industries and possibilities. We only have to unleash knowledge and the rest is left to the greatness of this product.

With our specialized consultants, we help you to grow or start your business, as we appreciate the win-win opportunities in market for project leaders, investors and farmers.


Yemeni Coffee, where it all begins.

Arzaq AL-Najjar

Experts with more than 25 Years of Experience In Coffee

We cater to full range of the stakeholders of the coffee industry. Starting from the farmer, right throw to the producers and vendors reaching to the global market we carry a full range of business development, training and consultancy services empowered by the diverse, from field, top-certified team of national and international experts.


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Our mission is to create a one-stop coffee knowledge center that serves entrepreneurs, investors, coffee traders, farmers or basically any player in the coffee value chain. By providing and conducting studies and researches, then convert them into valuable training and practical consultancies.

First & Only

The first and only Yemeni coffee company that provides consultancy, studies, research and development.

Expert Consultants

Mocha Valley consist of a team of coffee specialists with different qualifications and focus areas with more than 10 years of experience.

Robust Confidentiality

Our first priority is the confidentiality and privacy of our clients.

Moments within Coffee

Our Team
Can Help You Achieve Your Objectives & Goals

As the Yemeni coffee industry still growing, new individuals, companies and organizations enter the market while the former ones are not keeping up with the market evolution and needs. Based on the market needs we established the first specialized consultancy company "Mocha Valley" to provide in-depth and precise consultancy and guidance with well-known and specialized international and national experts in coffee. Once you need help in your coffee business, you can depend on us.


Business Development & Innovation


Drying Process Team


Professional Agronomist Team


Value Chain & Coffee Industry


Practical & Adequate Training

Our training are designed to equip the trainees with:

Coffee knowledge

With our experts who are specialized at the coffee training we designed various training that aims to educate trainees about various topics of coffee.

Value chain exposure

Our trainees will be armed with knowledge that can look back at the chain and solve its problems.


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